We were honored with the invitation to do a lecture and hands-on course in the Truhlsen Eye Institute in Omaha, Nebraska last Friday. Part of University of Nebraska Medical Center, and directly connected to the art Medical Simulation Center iEXECL, The Eye Institute is a state of the art, worldwide example of excellence that is led by Dr. Ronald Krueger and his vision that is supported by a highly qualified and passionate team of colleagues. 

The quality of professionals (ophthalmologists, mentors and simulation specialists) of the Davis global Center plus their long term vision with a growth mindset made it possible to implement a new paradigm to train ophthalmic surgeons more efficiently and with more safety for our patients.

We had the honor to work at the iEXCEL center for an entire day with the staff and residents using Virtual reality simulators (Eyesi Surgical Simulator from Haag Streit), state of the art operating rooms prepared for simulated procedures (including an Alcon Centurion with Active Sentry Technology) and high fidelity artificial eyes (Bioniko, Progression Kit). We combined all of this with the most updated methodology to train cataract surgeons from Oftalmouniversity that we call “the Wormhole Methodology” which is based on: 

  1. Fine motor skills training. 
  2. Cognitive Training. 
  3. Mindset skills. 

The combination of people, place, technology and academic planning are what we call the future of Ocar Microsurgical Training; and last Friday we had more than just a glimpse of this future. We had the full experience of bringing the future to the present. 

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